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Is PERSONA right for you?
Before starting to use PERSONA you need to be absolutely sure that it is the right method of contraception for you. Unipath, maker of PERSONA want to ensure that you make the best decision for yourself. To find out if PERSONA suits you please read the information below.

You must NOT use PERSONA if…
  • your cycles are shorter than 23 days
  • your cycles are longer than 35 days
  • you have experienced menopausal symptoms
  • you are breast feeding
  • you are using hormonal treatments e.g.
    - hormonal contraception
    - fertility treatments
    - hormone replacement therapy
  • you are using any other treatment which may affect your cycle
  • you are currently taking antibiotics containing tetracyclines. If you have any doubts about whether the antibiotic you are taking contains tetracyclines, you should consult your pharmacist or doctor.
  • you have impaired liver or kidney function or polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • you are unable to accept the risk of pregnancy associated with the use of PERSONA
No method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy. Based on independent trials, PERSONA is 94% reliable when used according to the instructions and as the only method of contraception. This means that if 100 women use PERSONA for one year, 6 are expected to become pregnant as a result of sex on a Green Light Day due to PERSONA incorrectly identifying their fertile days. The reliability of PERSONA is dependent on abstinence on all 'Red' Days. The risk of pregnancy is considerably greater if you have sex on a 'Red' Day even if you use a barrier method of contraception, e.g. a condom.

You cannot use PERSONA straightaway if...
  • you have recently been or are currently using:
    - hormonal contraception e.g. the pill, a hormone-releasing intrauterine contraceptive device, implants, injections, emergency contraception
    - treatments that affect your cycle. Check with your doctor.
    You must wait until you have stopped using the hormonal contraception or finished the course of treatment as instructed by your doctor. Then, you MUST WAIT until you have had at least two natural, consecutive cycles, each lasting 23-35 days, and your third period starts before using PERSONA. As hormonal contraception will affect your cycle you may have to wait several months before you know whether your natural cycles are between 23-35 days in length. If you do not wait, the reliability of PERSONA will be significantly reduced.
  • you have recently been pregnant (even if not carried to full term). You must wait before you start using PERSONA. See above.
  • you have recently been breast feeding. You must completely finish breast feeding and you must then wait before you start using PERSONA. See above.
Please note that while you are waiting to use PERSONA you are at risk of becoming pregnant. Please consult your family planning clinic or your doctor for contraceptive advice.

Please call the PERSONA Line or consult your doctor or pharmacist for further advice.

PERSONA MUST BE USED ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED IN THE USER GUIDE. PERSONA OFFERS NO PROTECTION FROM SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS OR HIV, THE VIRUS WHICH CAUSES AIDS. PERSONA is an in vitro diagnostic medical device designed for home use. Not to be taken. Not for internal use. Keep out of the reach of children.